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How to Lesson

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Daily Schedule

How to login in

Please use the ID and password weATJ ACADEMY.comsent and click “login in” at the front page. 

Please contact us if any problems!


How to book a lesson

All the blue time zones are available for booking.

Our students  can see all teachers' schedules and book the lessons!!!

Please note they are all JAPAN TIME in the timetable!

Kindly refer to following steps:①Select the language②Choose the date③Pick up the teacher④Decide the time zone (25 mins per lesson)⑤push the button “reserve”. Later, the system will send an email to you for confirmation. Please take a look in case of any questions.

Lesson Booking

How to cancel a lesson

Firstly, you can choose the lesson that you would like to cancel from the system(right side of the reservation page). Next, push the button “cancel”. You will receive a mail for confirmation. Please take a look in case of any questions.

Please ensure to cancel the lesson 24 hours before the reservation date.


Book a lesson on that day

It is possible to book the lesson at the latest 1 hour before the lesson and not acceptable to cancel it. Therefore, kindly ensure to check with the teacher for availability before booking.


​Cancel a lesson from the teacher

A teacher is also able to cancel the lesson 24 hours before the lesson date.  And the student will receive a mail from the system for confirmation.


Lesson history

A student can check the previous “Lesson history” from the website including the lesson date, teacher info, etc.


Reservation status

The student can check the “Your Schedule” from the system.


Ticket valid date and remaining quantity

A student can check the ticket valid date, remaining quantity, lesson history from the system “my page”.


How to buy more Lesson tickets

Please contact us(ATJ you want to buy more Lesson tickets.

For those who ever take lessons from ATJ, the user ID and password will be valid permanently.  You can always restart to take new lessons when buying the tickets.

Book a lesson

How to log out

Please push the button “log out” in the bottom of the menu. Considering the data security,please ensure to log out after browsing our website. 

Valid date:

10 Tickets(Valid for 6 months)

20 Tickets(Valid for 6 months)

30 Tickets(Valid for 8 months)

40 Tickets(Valid for 8 months)

50 Tickets(Valid for 10 months)

〇60 Tickets(Valid for 10 months)

〇70 Tickets(Valid for 1 year)

〇80 Tickets(Valid for 1 year)

〇90 Tickets(Valid for 1 year and a harf)

〇100 Tickets(Valid for 1 year and a harf)


Please contact us in advance if you would like to stop lessons for a long time. We may agree to extend extra six months. But please note the teacher might not be the same one when you back.
●It is acceptable to pass your lesson to someone else when you cannot continue it. Please send us a mail and explain the reason of stop and who will take over from you. Meanwhile, kindly ensure the recipient who understand the ticket valid date and remaining quantity i.e. we don’t take any responsibility if any trouble caused from the deal and there is no refund of the lesson fee after transferring money.
We will delete all expired tickets if there is no notice from the students in advance.

             Contact us 📧

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