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                                 Privacy Policy



All clients’ personal data or information will be managed in a strict and cautious manner.

To avoid any information leak, intrusion or loss, ATJ will comply with the following regulations.


1.Procurement and usage of personal information

All personal data will be legally and properly collected.

All collected personal data will be  used only for class purposes and will not be provided to a third party or other entities without confirmation of the client.



ATJ will strictly adhere with corresponding regulations, and promptly protect all client related information.


3.Prohibition of private contact with teacher(s) during out-of-class period

In effort to prevent any leak of personal information, private contact with teacher(s) during offline class will be strongly prohibited. Should any urgent matters arise, ATJ will not be held accountable for students offline private contact.


4.Request of personal data

Changes, modifications, or deletion of personal data will follow ATJ protocol,confirmation of the client will be required.


5. Management of personal data

In order to prevent any leaks of personal data, according to Personal Data Regulation, supervision teacher will be appropriated.


6.Adjustments of our Privacy Policy

The contents of ATJ's Privacy Policy can be updated on our website at our discretion.


7.Inquiries on personal data

Please write an E-mail to “Contact Us” on the homepage for any personal data inquiries.


8.Statement denying or limiting responsibility

ATJ is not responsible for any personal data leak due to virus, or third-party intrusion, etc.


Updated on May 1st, 2016

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