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Education Background

・B.A.(Bachelor of Law)

Japanese Language teacher certification

・Japan Kanji Aptitude level 2 test(passed)

・English proficiency level 2 test(passed)


Years of teaching experience

List of Japanese schools

・Japanese language 2 schools in Tokyo(Japan)

・Japanese language school in Kyoto(Japan)


Teaching Methods


・Direct Method: Vehicular language (English or Chinese) is not used, but Picture cards, Character cards, Photographs, Illustrations, and White board are used for explaining Japanese grammar and conversations.

・Indirect Method: Explain grammar with vehicular language, and practice Japanese conversations.

・I can use both methods to teach.

・Teaching materials:"Minna no Nihongo I, II","DEKIRU Nihongo"e.t.c.

・I can teach the grammar needed for the Japanese Language Proficiency level 4,5 test.


・In order to strengthen your speaking and listening ability, the lessons based on conversation are taught.

・Composition correction instruction.Middle-class grammar, I can explain with vehicular language to you.

・Teaching Materials: "Minna no Nihongo for middle class",e.t.c.

・I can teach the grammar needed for the Japanese Language Proficiency level 2,3 test.


・Use real materials like Newspapers, Magazines, Novels, e.t.c, for improving your speaking ability.

・Composition correction instruction for people that have a high level of Japanese language.


・Business conversation (Honorific), Business manner, Telephone manners, Business email, e.t.c., and have practice in using actual data.

・I have actual working experience with Japanese recruitment consultant company in Japan for 4 years.

・So I also can help you to prepare for jab interview and making your resume.

Available language

Japanese(Mother language),English


Self Appeal

Hello everyone! I’m MOMO who lives in Vancouver. I love speaking Japanese with friends all over the world! I’ve taught Japanese to students who come from more than 20 countries. Everyone has different aims and goals when it comes to learning languages. As a Japanese teaching professional, I firmly believe that enjoying it is above anything else! If you have great knowledge about Japanese grammar, all you need is chance to practice speaking it utilizing your knowledge, isn’t it?  That completes your learning. So let’s have fun in my lessons practicing conversations and pronunciation. Of course my lessons are not just about that- we talk about what you would like to learn more during trial lessons, such as grammar, vocabulary, business Japanese including answering phone, business email, business manner, Keigo (Japanese honorifics), Japanese language in Manga, J-pop, SNS, and we build your own study plan together. Though I try to use Japanese as much as possible during the lessons, please feel free to ask me questions in English if necessary.My hobby is watching movies, listening to music, cooking, café hopping, traveling and playing the Japanese drums and so on! Above all, I love traveling! I’ve been to the US (Hawaii, New York, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco), the UK, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Cambodia and many places in Japan. I would like to share the joy of speaking and learning Japanese with all of you. Let’s study together!

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