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Education Background

・A.A.(Associate in Arts) in English

・B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) in Japanese literature and culture

・Experience studying abroad in England, France and Taiwan

Japanese Language teacher certification

・Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test(passed)

・English proficiency level 1 test(passed)

・French proficiency level 2 test (passed)


・Certified travel coordinator test (passed)

・Official Business Skill Test in Bookkeeping 2nd Grade (passed)

Years of teaching experience
・Japan(5years),Taiwan(4 months)

List of Japanese schools

・MEXT Supporting school for non-Japanese children (2 years)

・Yokohama YDC Japanese school (1 year)

・Taichung Happy Language (4 months)


Teaching Methods


・Direct Method: Vehicular language (English) is not used, but Picture cards, Character cards, Photographs, Illustrations, and White board are used for explaining Japanese grammar and conversations.

・Indirect Method: Explain grammar with vehicular language, and practice Japanese conversations.

I can use both methods to teach.

・Teaching materials:"Minna no Nihongo I, II", e.t.c.


・In order to strengthen your speaking and listening ability, the lessons based on conversation are taught. Composition correction instruction.Middle-class grammar, I can explain with vehicular language to you.

・I can teach the grammar needed for the Japanese Language Proficiency level 2 test.

・Teaching Materials: "Minna no Nihongo for middle class",e.t.c.


・Use real materials like Newspapers, Magazines, Novels, etc. for improving your speaking ability.

・Proofreading of composition for higher level student.

・I have enough knowledge about International economics, Japanese history and culture, Traditional performing arts (Kabuki, Noh, Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement.),Traveling.

・I can teach grammar for Japanese Language Proficiency level 1 test.

・I attach much importance on exact and natural Japanese expression.


・Business conversation (Honorific), Business manner, Telephone manners, Business email, etc. and have practice in using actual data.

・I had worked as a bilingual secretary at Malaysian company for 17 years and Electroplating equipment company for 9 years and have seen a lot of business scenes.


Available language

Japanese(Mother language)English(Well), French(Well), Chinese(mandarin)at beginner level      


Self Appeal

I have been teaching Japanese to many nationals. In my teaching I found some characteristics of learner’s language have an adverse effect on their learning. My approach is to teach them to use appropriate expression, take care of intonation and rhythm instead of spending too much time to correct pronunciation. It will finally lead them to natural way of speaking Japanese. I also focus on learners’ need, what kind of expression they need to acquire. My strong point is to be able to explain grammar in accordance with learners’ language level. My long time experience as bilingual secretary and translator/interpreter will be a good help to you. Currently I keep studying at the university Japanese history as well as literature. I would like to return things I study there to my students in several ways. In addition I was born and brought up near Tokyo, where we speak standard Japanese. 

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